About the Piece:

"When I was asked to create a piece about empowerment, I thought of strong lines and loud voices. But when I considered that this was for children, most of whom are fighting for the right to reclaim their childhoods, their innocence, their right to dream, things shifted. As an artist and a mother, I find that there is nothing more empowering than a young mind’s imagination, the delicious abandonment of dreams, and the never-ending possibilities of the future. This child reminds me of the greatest power of youth: the promise of the future.

The concept behind this piece, in contrast to many of the others, is the recreation of a child’s fantasy world. One where doodles and scratches start to take shape and walls are literally broken down. Instead of being trapped, this young person is breaking barriers with her mind alone. Seen through a cracked window pane, she smiles wistfully at what can be, knowing that everything is indeed possible- even for her." 

S. Bartsich MD


**wood prints available on request