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Are There Surgical Options for Hair Loss?

Hair transplants are nothing new, although the technology has evolved in recent years. When they first began, the typical procedure was to take a strip of hair-populated skin from the back of the head and sew it in to the bare areas in the front. Later, this same strip would be cut into smaller pieces

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Is Breast Implant Illness Real?

I was at a plastic surgery conference several years ago, in the audience, when the panel of “experts” began discussing breast implant illness. At that time, there was a lot of emerging evidence of a negative immune response to breast implants in certain patients. There was also an emerging online society of women who had

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The Real Age Spots

Many years ago, I had a patient come in and ask me to liposuction the area below her breasts, right on top of her lower rib cage. I remember being surprised because so much of my time was spent removing fat from the lower belly, and the area over the ribs always seemed to be

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Diet Resistant Spots

Four Fitness-Resistant Spots That Just Need Surgery On a weekly basis, I consult with patients who are looking to contour one area or another of their bodies. In most cases, the patient has been trying to fix things on their own, through diet and exercise. I will hear things like, “I have been working out

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Illustration of breast reduction

Radical Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery started as a medical procedure that was intended to offload significant pressure on the neck and back from huge breasts. The breasts ended up smaller, and often higher, without much concern for aesthetics. The surgery was long and labor intensive, and considered successful if the patient had any improvement in symptoms. This

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Menopause – The Second Time Your Breasts Develop?

The development of the human breast is well known, and generally occurs during puberty. There are very well-described stages for this, and most women go through them in similar fashion. What varies is the speed and end point of the process. For some, the development happens slowly over a period of years, finally tapering off

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Syringes with fat

Fat Chance – How Reliable is Fat Grafting?

While most people spend some part of their lives battling some form of fat (belly, thighs, eye bags), the fat cell actually holds the secret to beauty and maybe to life itself. Fat creates cushioning around delicate structures like nerves, it creates beautiful shapes on the body, it can reconstruct entire anatomical elements, it keeps

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What is an Augmentation Rhinoplasty?

Most of the time, when we think about nose jobs, we think about ways to make them smaller. The usual combination is to remove the hump on the top of the nose, smooth out the profile, and make the tip smaller and more refined. In sum, this procedure involves removing bits of bone, cartilage, and

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