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But Will It Leave a Scar? The Top Ten Tips

It happens all the time.. I talk to patients about their surgery, including their scars, I tell them the scars will always be there. And then they ask me: “But I thought I was having plastic surgery?” Any time you cut through the skin full thickness, you will get a scar as a result. Scarring

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But Can You Wear a One-Piece?

When my patients ask me what size they will be after surgery, I struggle with the answer. They want me to use one of the conventional letters (A,B, DD) but these are not exact measurements (read more about why bra sizing makes no sense!). What’s more, these letters do not reflect the fact that there

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Jawline Liposuction : The Facelift Before The Facelift

Many of my patients have just a little bit of a problem with sagging – especially at the neckline. For most of these patients, it’s too soon for a facelift, but it’s time to do something. The feminine jawline is shaped like an egg- oval and smooth. Early jowls will square off the jaw, making

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If My Belly Is the Problem, Why Does My Back Hurt?

Many people suffer from back pain, and back pain has a huge list of possible causes. But one item on that list that many people don’t think of is the other half of their trunk: the belly. Our bellies are there to do a lot more than just look good in a bathing suit (although

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Lip bomb!

t’s all about proportion. Everything in nature must adhere to basic principles of aesthetics to be balanced… the Golden Ratio etc… But even more than that is the “You Know It When You See It” principle. Cosmetic surgery is no exception- it either looks “done” or it doesn’t.

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Mommy Rehab?

If you broke your ankle, you would get surgery, wound care, and then 8 months of structured, carefully measured rehab. If you pulled a muscle, you would be instructed to rest it for at least 6 weeks- how else could it possibly recover? And yet, after you have children, even several children, even pulled out

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