Five Parts of Your Body That You Did Not Realize Were So Beautiful

We all think, talk, and sing about people’s eyes and smiles. We know the beauty of a bosom or a neck. But there are many key aesthetic elements of the human body that we don’t often think about, and that can be highlighted with surprising effects.

#5 – Your Ankles

The anklet was invented in the 5th millennium BC. Even then, people recognized the beauty of this part of the body. Typically, transition zones are aesthetically relevant, as they represent the movement from one unit to another. Often, these zones also create an overall sense of the person’s physique, and they have striking shapes and curves that catch the eye. When the expected transition zones are blunted, or the lines are not sharp, it dampens the aesthetic effect. Fortunately, this area can often be contoured to shape.

a woman's legs

#4 – Cupid’s Bow

The lips are a focal point of the face, and a key aesthetic element in communication and sensuality. There has been a lot of focus on lip size and fullness in recent years, but little discussion of what parts of the lip hold the key to their beauty. Cupid’s bow, or the curve in the center of the upper lip, is the focal, and most feminine part of the lip. If this line is emphasized, it conveys youth, beauty, and definition. If it is blunted, it becomes flatter and more masculine in appearance. Manipulation of Cupid’s Bow offers a crafty and subtle way of dramatically optimizing the look of the entire face, without any big movements. Small amounts of filler, or a limited lip lift, can optimize this line and produce a positively perfect pucker. #bartsichbow

a woman's lips

#3 – Your Armpit

The word armpit does not immediately convey the thought of beauty or elegance. They are not known for their pizzazz. But the axillary lines of the body make a bigger difference than you would imagine. In particular, extra breast tissue or fat in the armpit can make the whole trunk look bulky and older, and this can be even worse with clothing on. A smooth axillary contour draws the eye from shoulder to the chest, and it remains one of the most sensitive areas of the body. As with any other area, the parts above and below have an influence on its shape- making arm and breast contouring essential to the aesthetic axilla.

a woman with arm to her head showing her armpit

#2 – The Supra-Tip Break of Your Nose

The golden rule of ratios is 2/3 1/3. Things appear most beautiful to us when they are divided this way. This is very true for the nose, which is divided into the upper third (bones), the middle third (upper cartilages) and the lower third (the tip). In the spirit of the 2/3 1/3 rule, the upper and middle thirds tend to flow together, creating parallel lines that run from the forehead to the upper lip. When the transition is made to the lower third, shapes change and contour is defined. This is especially true on profile view, where the lines of the nose, whether straight or curved, expect a small transition point once you hit the tip itself. This is called the supra-tip break, and it is essential to the nose not looking like one long line that goes on forever. Even in cases where little else is done, restoration of the supra-tip break is what gives a nose that refined look and that sense that it is not drooping. Small movements can have a big impact, with no need to push the whole tip dramatically up in order to make things look perky. It is by manipulating these visual cues that the conservative surgeon will maximize on a procedure’s potential, and restore the golden ratio to your look.

side profile of a woman's head

#1 – The Lower Curve of Your Back

We spend a lot of time obsessing about our abs. Partly because they tend to reflect general fitness, and partly because when we look at our bodies, that is what is staring at us. But the lower back curve is the essential contour building block of the waistline. When the curve is thick and not curvy, it will create a boxy shape to the body, and also suggest increased size and age. When the curve is carved out and accentuated, the whole figure changes; and this effect shows from any angle in which you are standing. It also has the most dramatic effect on how clothing fits, on whether the eye can appreciate your toned belly, and on what proportions the buttock has by comparison. So the next time you consider doing something about your belly, turn to the side, lift your shirt, and consider this: why would you only shape half your waist? #backlift

a woman in an unzipped dress showing her back

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