Lip bomb!

Ever wonder why some lip augmentations look amazing, and some give you nothing but FROG?

It's all about proportion. Everything in nature must adhere to basic principles of aesthetics to be balanced... the Golden Ratio etc... But even more than that is the "You Know It When You See It" principle. Cosmetic surgery is no exception- it either looks "done" or it doesn't.

In lip augmentation, a few things are key.

1. A little goes a long way. If you know where to put the filler, you don't need a lot.

2. The peaks and edges are where the money is. Filling the whole lip up to inflation is not going to do you any favors. Defining the edges and perking the peaks, on the other hand, will give you high bang for your buck.

3. The lower lip should always look bigger than the upper lip. This is the quintessential "tell." Everyone is so focused on their upper lip that they always ask for it to be huge. When it starts to get bigger than the lower lip, the mouth begins to look strange because it appears upside down. No makeup or maneuvering will fix it either. The key is to get just the right plump up top and the BALANCE it with the right amount of fluff on the bottom, to re-establish the right ratio. The result? natural Princess Pucker..  no FROG!

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