Mommy Rehab?

If you broke your ankle, you would get surgery, wound care, and then 8 months of structured, carefully measured rehab.

If you pulled a muscle, you would be instructed to rest it for at least 6 weeks- how else could it possibly recover?

And yet, after you have children, even several children, even pulled out of you c-section children, there is no prescribed course of rehabilitation. Your mind, your body, your everything is forever different and you can barely recognize any of it. And you are left to your own devices.

Post-partum rehab is a very real, important, totally unexplored field of medicine. What is should look like is physical strength and balance training, belly support, surgical reconstruction if needed, pelvic floor exercises in measured amounts, psychological support, and nutritional counseling. What it looks like now is, "You have issues? What do you expect? You had three kids!"

My mommy mission is to help women start asking the right questions before, during, and after baby-making. I want to help moms recruit the support, information, and professionals that they need to literally get and keep it together. Join us tomorrow at the Motherhood Center, and let's start the conversation.