Jawline Liposuction : The Facelift Before The Facelift

Many of my patients have just a little bit of a problem with sagging - especially at the neckline. For most of these patients, it's too soon for a facelift, but it's time to do something.

The feminine jawline is shaped like an egg- oval and smooth. Early jowls will square off the jaw, making it look more rough, wide, and masculine. All of these elements have an aging effect. 

A little liposuction in just the right areas can empty the early jowls, get rid of a double chin, and allow the skin to spring back into a more angled shape on the neck, all in all restoring that youthful look. And all this with a few small incisions that fade over time. 

Recovery and downtime are minimal compared to a facelift, but the results can be dramatic. The skin usually tightens enough for this stage, the jowls disappear for now, and overall it can buy you another ten years. My mantra in my practice is to "make it as simple a road as possible to get to the desired result." In this case, it's often a straight and smooth shot to ten years ago.