As a cosmetic breast surgery specialist, Dr. Bartsich is proud to offer her patients many options in terms of breast augmentation. One of the newer state-of-the-art implants available today is the Ideal Implant. Request to see Before & Afters HERE.

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                        SALINE IMPLANTS                                   SILICONE IMPLANTS                                             IDEAL IMPLANT

                        PROS                                                            PROS                                                                          PROS

                        Biologic Filler                                             Look and Feel Extremely Natural                          Biologic Filler

                        No History of Health Risk                        Moves With the Breast                                            No History of Health Risk

                        No Monitoring Required                                                                                                              No Monitoring Required

                        No Silent Rupture                                      CONS                                                                          No Silent Rupture

                                                                                              Possible Health Concerns                                      Maintains Shape over Time

                        CONS                                                            Silent, Messy Rupture                                             CONS?

                        Look and Feel Not Natural                       Needs Frequent Monitoring                                  Firmer Feel


                              SALINE                                                                  SILICONE                                                            IDEAL IMPLANT


Textured implants (including shaped 'gummy bear') are silicone implants with a rough texture that sticks to tissue. The texturing prevents them from rotating in the implant pocket. Although the data is not yet conclusive, these implants have been implicated in certain rare health conditions.


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Dr Bartsich also performs BREAST REDUCTION, BREAST LIFT, and BREAST RECONSTRUCTION, all with state of the art techniques.

For breast reconstruction, Dr Bartsich uses the Aeroform tissue expander.  This amazing device allows patients to expand themselves at home in weeks instead of months of doctor visit. The expansion is gradual, comfortable, and produces better quality skin and therefore a better reconstructive result. 

Never Need a Bra Again!!

"My breast reduction technique involves rearranging existing tissue to create cleavage and narrow the breast, while providing an internal support structure. My breast lift technique does not remove any existing breast tissue if the patient is happy with her size. It replaces tissue at the cleavage line, lifts the nipple, and supports a more youthful shape. In both cases, most patients no longer need to wear a bra."  

Dr. B