Aesthetics are all about shape and contour. Not only do shapes have to look good and respect aesthetic rules, but they also have to fit patient goals and echo their inner selves.

Facial rejuvenation and gender affirmation require a strong grasp of gender-specific forms. For example, the female jawline is slender and oval, like the pointy end of an egg. The male jawline, by contrast, is wider and heavier, like the other end of that egg.

Male and female silhouettes also have striking differences. From waist height to hip ratio, gender identity is most effective when it follows the lines rather than exceeds them. In keeping with my general surgical philosophy, I seek effortless, natural results in gender affirmation surgery. As a breast surgery expert, I am particularly committed to breast and chest balancing, with appropriately sized implants for augmentation, and proportioned pectoplasty without widened scars.

Ask me about PECTOPLASTY (my version of TOPS surgery) for female-male breast surgery, and MAMMOPLASTY for male-female breast surgery.




Beyond the shape of the face, facial details are critical for gender affirmation. From eyelid and eyebrow shape, to lip balancing, to jawline contouring, small changes can translate into big results. Many of these treatments are minimally invasive or can be performed under local anesthesia. You can make significant changes, even if only skin deep.