Sophie Bartsich, MD FACS

Commentary on: Microbiologic Safety of the Transareolar Approach in Breast Augmentation

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AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR AESTHETIC PLASTIC SURGERY                                                                    VANCOUVER, 2012

Hot Topics Panel: Capsular Contracture- Are We Making Progress?

Topic: The Breast – A Clean Contaminated Surgical Site


AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR AESTHETIC PLASTIC SURGERY                                                                    BOSTON, 2011

Residents and Fellows Forum

Bartsich, S  Ascherman, J  Whittier, S  Yao, C  and Rohde, C

The Breast: A Clean-Contaminated Surgical Site



NEW YORK REGIONAL SOCIETY                                                                                                                  NEW YORK, 2011

Resident’s Night

Bartsich, S and Morrison, N

Composite Skin and Fat Grafting for the Management of Chronic Sickle Cell Ulcers


NEW YORK REGIONAL SOCIETY                                                                                                                  NEW YORK, 2010

Resident’s Night

Bartsich, S and Wu, J

Liquid Silicone Injections: Growing Illicit Cosmetic Surgery Practices and Their Sequelae



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Gender selection of human spermatozoa: a simple and effective approach.

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Y chromosome microdeletions in male factor infertility.



Sophie Bartsich, MD FACS, Caroline A. Yao, MD

Is Frosting Effective? The Role of Retention Sutures in Post-Traumatic Orbital Reconstruction Surgery


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