Switch My Implants Please!


Do I Need New Implants?

Figuring out whether or not you need to switch or remove your implants can be confusing. Sometimes, the answer is clear. If you have a complication, an infection, or pain, it may be obvious that something should be done. If not, and it's just a matter or how long they have been in, this may be less obvious.

There are many reasons why patients switch out their breast implants. Sometimes there is a problem, sometimes they want a size change, sometimes they had a body change, and sometimes there is just a newer device they would prefer. Dr. Bartsich manages all types of breast augmentation revisions, breast implant removals, and breast implants switches on a regular basis. She is well versed in capsulectomy and pocket restoration procedures, which are sometimes required in cases with ruptures or contractures. If you are not sure whether or not you need a change, please arrange a consultation. Implant-based surgery does require maintenance in the best interest of implant and patient alike.