It takes one to know one – the female perspective on women’s plastic surgery

woman's hips

Do Something For YOU For a Change...

How many times have I heard a patient say, “I’m sorry to even bring this up. I know, it’s so vain.”

Or ask me, “Is it wrong that I want to do this?”

No, it’s not wrong, and you’re not ‘vain.’ You’re entitled to look the way you want to feel. 

And No One Needs to Know About It...

woman with finger up to mouth
woman with finger up to mouth
woman with finger up to mouth
woman with finger up to mouth
woman with finger up to mouth

Good cosmetic surgery should be like good makeup- undercover. A true result should be balanced and fitting, with little or no “tells.”

In addition to providing a natural looking result, my practice maintains the utmost discretion for all patients throughout their journey. As a matter of patient confidentiality, and owing to the high profile of my patients, I only post select before and after photos online. The full gallery is available to prospective patients. Please request access HERE

The DIVA is in the Details

As with anything else, it’s the little things that make all the difference. I pride myself on paying attention to the details that make the difference between getting something done, and having it done exceptionally well. Nipples should be round and even, lips should be balanced and soft, and jawlines should be oval and smooth. And when it comes to belly buttons, no bulls-eye please! Taking the time to refine the details and find the aesthetic center always pays off in the end. When it’s right, you just know it. And you shouldn’t settle for less.


I perform a wide variety of cosmetic procedures on the face and body, including minimally invasive and surgical procedures. Minimally invasive procedures will produce maximally subtle results. Your Botox will not look overly frozen, your filler will not look overly full, and your lip augmentation will not look like a caricature (no frog!). My specialty for facial rejuvenation is lip augmentation (SEE PERMANENT OPTIONS HERE) and pre-facelift jawline rejuvenation. I also perform labiaplasty.

My area of expertise in body surgery includes all forms of breast surgery, from augmentation to reduction, to lift procedures. I proudly offers the IDEAL IMPLANT for BREAST AUGMENTATION.

One of my most commonly performed procedure is the ‘mommy makeover,’ which comprises both breast and abdominal restoration. I use liposuction in conjunction with these procedures to contour hormone-related fat deposits in the thigh and neck area that are resistant to diet and exercise. My approach procedure is custom tailored and timed according to patient needs, desires, and their lifestyle. I also perform a liposuction-based butt lift procedure, which involves sculpting of the waistline and back to create an hourglass figure, and lift the buttock area accordingly.

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