“I have decided to write about my breast implant replacement for two reasons. First, is to let everyone know who reads this review know that Dr. Sophie Bartsich is absolutely the most amazing doctor I’ve met. Second, why I chose the Ideal implant and how do I feel now, after surgery. I had my first breast augmentation in 2000 when silicone implants were banned in the USA. I chose a saline implant with a textured shell. Surgery was successful, they looked great. I had them for 18 years and I was very happy with them. I never had any complications, they felt and looked great. I moved to a new city couple of years ago and started seeing a new cosmetic surgeon. When it came up during our conversations that my implants are old, she recommended replacing them before they might rupture, and the process would become more complicated. It sounded logical, I had some downtime coming up from travel, so I scheduled the surgery. This time I chose the so-called silicone gummy bear implants. Surgery went well, except when I saw my breasts for the first time after surgery, I knew that the doctor made a mistake and misplaced one of the implants. I was furious. I knew that this isn’t going to change. They might look somewhat better, but it will never look the way I wanted them to look and they will definitely won’t look like they looked after my first augmentation. I also knew I will probably have to wait 6 months to have another surgery. During the next 6 months I saw 6 different doctors for consultation. They all had the same opinion acknowledging the mistakes and assuring me that it is correctible. I just didn’t feel comfortable with any of the doctors I’ve met, until I met Dr. Bartsich. She spent a long time with me the first time I saw her. She listened to everything I said, and I had a lot to say. She asked me why did I chose a silicone implant since I had saline implants for so long? I don’t really have a better answer than I just wanted to try something different that is supposedly feels more natural. By this time 6 months past since my surgery and to be honest, I wasn’t happy with the silicone implants. They looked like jello. They were soft, almost mushy, they seemed to pick up my breasts shape. They looked nothing like my almost 20 years old saline implants. Dr. Bartsich then showed me an implant I have never seen before, they felt very natural in my hands, close to how silicone feels, but they were nice dome shaped. I picked them up, so they hang, and they didn’t ripple, then I lay them flat and the top didn’t go flat like silicone does, they stayed dome shaped. She explained to me that these are new, structured saline implants, she also explained all the pros and cons. There aren’t cons really, unless someone only wants silicone implants. These implants look nicer, they don’t lose their form and the most important fact about them, they are SAFE. There is no need for MRIs and being afraid of silent ruptures. After our consultation I knew she will be my doctor. She is a very down to earth doctor with a lot of passion for what she does. She is there for the patient; her esthetics are exceptional. Now I just had one dilemma; which implant to choose, the gummy bear again or the IDEAL saline. I got home, and I’ve done a ton of research. I’ve read every publication about both implants, including all trial, research and other materials I could find on the internet. I went back to see Dr. Bartsich to discuss just the differences between the implants. Honestly, I already knew that I will go with the IDEAL implants, it was really a no brainer. The day of my surgery came. I was excited, I knew Dr. Bartsich will fix the mistakes, deep down I also felt that my breast will look a lot better esthetically. So, the first time I saw them after surgery, I can’t describe how happy and relieved I felt. They looked PERFECT! I mean perfect, exactly the same as they did 18 years ago. They are symmetrical, shape is awesome, and they feel great. Now it’s been couple of weeks, they still look awesome. I can’t feel the implants, or I have to look really hard for them (nothing like the old silicone implants), they are completely natural, but the biggest difference is that the implants give a nice shape to my breasts. They are no longer a mushy jello (more perky) like they were with the gummy bear ones. Another observation; I had a harder recovery after the silicone implants. I wasn’t in pain at all, but I was tired, out of breath for almost three weeks after surgery. I would go out for a walk and had to turn back because I felt like I have no energy. Just a note, I am above average shape, exercise 6 times a week, so it was very weird for me to feel like this. I am not a medical professional, but just based on common sense logic, it seems that my body isn’t fighting against the saline implants, while I think it took a lot for it to accept the silicone ones. I actually worked from the next day on since my surgery (work from home). I felt great the whole time. By the time my first visit came around, I didn’t even feel like I had surgery. I’ve been walking hours since then without any issues and I can do all my daily activities, except exercising.

I hope my story will help the reader to make the right decisions. Make sure you choose the right doctor, you research everything about them and most importantly you feel comfortable with whom you end up choosing. If there is that little feeling in your stomach that always questions things, listen to it. I’ve been telling about Dr. Bartsch to all my friends and everyone else who asks me for referral. She s just truly amazing. As long as the implants, I would choose the IDEAL structured implant over any other implant over and over again.”


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