Tuberous & Tubular Breast Correction with Augmentation

Tuberous (Constricted) Breast Treatment

tuberous breasts

The tuberous breast is a congenital condition (meaning it is programmed from birth) that results in a a constriction of the breast during development. The main features of this condition are:

    1. A tight base of the breast that mimics a band around the base of the breast

    2. A wide areola that projects out from the tight base

    3. A small breast with tight tissues and ligaments that pull it into a ball instead of spreading out over the chest wall

It is possible to have both or only one side affected by this condition.

Is Tuberous Breast Dangerous?

Although the causes are not known, it is likely that tuberous breast in and of itself is not a dangerous condition. It has been linked to low milk supply for breast-feeding, but not to dangerous medical conditions.

Is Treatment Necessary for Tuberous Breast?

While treatment is not necessary, most patients with tuberous breast suffer significant social and psychological effects from the condition. Treatment consists of breast augmentation with release of the constricted tissues. This results in a more aesthetic shape and a more balanced appearance.

Is The Surgery for Tuberous Breast Covered By Insurance?

Because tuberous breast is not correlated with medical risk, the procedure is generally not covered by insurance. By and large, it is considered a cosmetic issue.

How Is The Treatment of Tuberous Breast Different From Breast Augmentation?

While the treatment for tuberous breast usually consists of breast augmentation with an implant, it also requires extensive treatment of the breast itself. Because the ligaments are so tight, they require significant release in order for the breast tissue to spread properly over the implant and not remain in one tight knot on top of it. Often, the areola also requires some adjustment, either because of its size or its position. The tight skin at the base of the breast also needs to be adjusted, and the fold under the breast usually requires lowering because it starts out so high on the chest wall. Tuberous breast exists on a continuum, with some cases being mild and others severe. The amount of work needed will depend on the severity of the condition.

patient pre-op and post-op pictures

Whether you are lifting, enlarging, reducing, or reconstructing, it’s the shape of the breast that matters most