Do I Need New Implants??

Figuring out whether or not you need to switch or remove your implants can be confusing. Sometimes, the answer is clear. If you have a complication, an infection, or pain, it may be obvious that something should be done. If not, and it's just a matter or how long they have been in, this may be less obvious.

Overall, there are few clear recommendations in the industry about exact timelines for switching or removing implants. Rupture and complication rates are reported on a 10-year cycle, so this is a rough guideline. But there are issues that can go unnoticed for long periods of time, and every implant has its own risk and reward profile.

If you are considering switching out or removing your implants, you should be sure to see a surgeon experienced with the different types, as well as the more advanced surgical techniques involved (such as capsulectomy). Have a thorough discussion about it and make sure the job will get done right. Most breast imnplants require maintenance, and even a simple switch can get complicated. With all the facts and a proper exam, you may indeed find out that it's time for a refresher.

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