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Is Breast Implant Illness Real?

I was at a plastic surgery conference several years ago, in the audience, when the panel of “experts” began discussing breast implant illness. At that time, there was a lot of emerging evidence of a negative immune response to breast implants in certain patients. There was also an emerging online society of women who had

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Radical Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery started as a medical procedure that was intended to offload significant pressure on the neck and back from huge breasts. The breasts ended up smaller, and often higher, without much concern for aesthetics. The surgery was long and labor intensive, and considered successful if the patient had any improvement in symptoms. This

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Menopause – The Second Time Your Breasts Develop?

The development of the human breast is well known, and generally occurs during puberty. There are very well-described stages for this, and most women go through them in similar fashion. What varies is the speed and end point of the process. For some, the development happens slowly over a period of years, finally tapering off

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Less Is More – The New Trend In Breast Surgery

There was a time when bigger was considered better. Hello the 80s’. Big hair, big shoulder pads, big breasts. It was a time of excess, and breast implants were relatively new on the scene. Plastic surgery was still somewhat taboo, but it was also considered the ultimate luxury item; so if you had something done,

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Downsizing – Why It Doesn’t Always Make Things Simpler

For decades now, breast implant surgery trends were “bigger is better.” Many patients received very large implants, and wore them for years before making any changes or thinking about the long-term effects. But breast implants are not lifetime devices, and many women end up having to or choosing to remove them at some point. And

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How Long Does A Breast Reduction Last?

Getting plastic surgery is a big decision, and big investment. As with any other investment, it is important to know what to expect from it, and how much return you will get. For some patients, a breast reduction will last them more of their lives, with no need to have any other procedures. For others,

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What Is The Best Time Of Year To Have Plastic Surgery?

There is a lot to consider when deciding how to time your plastic surgery. For one, the season may be important to you based on temperature alone. Holidays and travel are always a consideration, as well as activity limitations after your procedure. Childcare and home responsibilities are just as key as work demands, or the

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