Why Everyone Needs a Plastic Surgeon on SpeedDial

Life is full of Boo-boos. They happen to everyone all the time. But before you decide to just "butterfly" it and run, consider this: there's probably a plastic surgeon nearby who could patch up that boo-boo and get it looking much much better down the road.

Plastic surgery has come a long way since its inception last century. Wound care technology and surgical techniques, along with breakthrough lotions and potions, now have us in a place where the idea of a scar is a very different thing than it was for our grandparents. What's more, since a scar is not mature for at least one year after injury, there is actually a lot that can be done over a long period of time to ensure the best possible outcome. You just need the right coach.

The idea of a plastic surgeon evokes Botox and breast augmentations- yes, we do those. But what most people do not realize is that we also fix cuts, burns, broken bones in the face, nerve injuries, and hand wounds. We repair bellies, cover open wounds for other surgeons, and shepherd our patients through full body rejuvenation in a way that no other specialty can. 

So whether life hands you a surprise party, the aftermath of pregnancy, or a bump on the head that "came out of nowhere," know this: the boo-boo lady is your lifeline to timely expert care, and your best chance at destroying the evidence of a bad day